About Us

JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd specialises in servicing all types of equipment requirements. Major areas of concern include machinery, spare parts supply, engineering repairs, maintenance and logistics. The company is Lloyds Quality Assured to 9001 2000 standard that enables a service which is not only reliable but efficient.

JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of Japanese, European , UK and US made machinery and spare parts. We supply most Australian Shipping Companies, Towage Companies, Power Generation companiesand independent companies with NIIGATA, DAIHATSU, AND YANMAR diesel engine spares and service, DUNLITE generators up to 600 KVA and JOHN DEERE Marine engines. We also have a worldwide network, which enables us to procure any type of machinery or equipment.



Over the years we have established an excellent and thorough network base of authorized supply companies in Japan, Europe, UK and the US. This network enables us to offer genuine engine and machinery parts, at extremely competitive prices with realistic delivery times depending on the clients requirements and freight needs.

Our Engineering repair and maintenance department have a staff of Engineers who attend vessels and Power Stations throughout Australia and the South Pacific for inspections and on-going maintenance. JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd’s Engineering staff consists of six Class 1 Marine Engineers and associated specialists who have many years of deep sea experience on Tankers, Container Ships, Bulk Carriers. In addition to this staff have spent considerable years within the Towage Industry and are versed in all matters whether it be Marine or Industrial.

One interesting project JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd was involved in is the successful salvage of the Royal Navy (RN) Type 42 Warship," HMS Nottingham." JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd staff played a pivotal role in the Nottingham's successful return to UK. With the help of Salvage Ministry of Defence (SALMO) and Royal Navy Warships IPT personnel , JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd ensured the safe return of Nottingham to Portsmouth UK.

JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd built the British Royal Navy a functional facility at the BHP Steel demolition site in Newcastle within four days. This facility was used for the de-ammunitioning of the vessel and logistics for ongoing repairs, thus enabling the vessel to be towed to Sydney and lifted onto the MV Swan for its final return. During Nottingham's stay in Newcastle JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd were in charge of the complete site and organised matters from site security through to the recovery of breached tanks, all underwater preparation and general day to day logistics.
JMAC Marine & Industrial Engineering Pty Ltd pride themselves on a service that is not only personal but also professional with an eye for detail. Staff will always assist and attend to any inquiry whether it is large or small.